David Found His Slingshot

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It’s David’s first day at a brand new school. He doesn’t have any friends yet, so he feels all alone. Trouble approaches David when he runs into a big bully named Gus who is mean to all the kids in his class. Join David on this thrilling adventure as he uses a new talent of his to do something his classmates will never forget!

Inspired by true events from hip hop artist Dee-1’s childhood, this fun and inspirational hip hop children’s book teaches kids how to use their unique gifts and talents to overcome obstacles in their lives. 

About the Author

Dee-1 is an award winning rapper, educator, activist, and entrepreneur. Dee-1 has transitioned from being a middle school math teacher in Louisiana to becoming a nationally acclaimed hip hop artist.

Dee’s music is part of a bigger lifestyle movement called Mission Vision, which centers around three core principles: Be Real. Be Righteous. Be Relevant. His message of positivity and hope is embraced by the multitudes.

As a Nasir Jones Hip Hop Fellow at Harvard University, Dee-1 has done extensive research and lecturing on Hip Hop’s role as a social emotional learning tool. He travels to schools, organizations, and churches throughout the world teaching youth how to discover and use their unique gifts. Dee-1 also consults educators, administrators, and organizations on creating vibrant and thriving workplace cultures.


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